Is co-education help building self confidence

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Is co-education good or bad?? Is it helpful or not? It is common debate in today’s Pakistan. But mostly people ask is coeducation helps people specially women in building their self-confidence?? In my opinion the answer is yes. As we all know that Pakistan is a third world country and have not good literacy rate and women are consider as dumb one and they have not given their actual rights which were given to them by ALLAH.

So due to this they lack confidence but when such woman enter into the coeducation and learn with her male fellows , give presentation in front of males and do reasoning with them, she is actually gaining confidence and is learning that how to deal with the male oriented society. She is actually gaining confidence and  power to deal with the society where women education is consider as useless and  women working with men is consider as taboo. So if someone asks me “is coeducation help building self-confidence”  my answer will be definitely yes

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