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Generally, the word fashion is associated with the style of wearing clothes, footwear and makeup etc. Fashion is the best mean of expressing ourselves it silently speaks about us that what we are and what we like our dislike. It creates personalities. All of us are different from one another, our thinking so that our priorities are also different and everyone has his own choice of fashion.

Every country and region has its own customs and traditions. According to their traditions their way of dressing is totally changed from others this thing make them unique One can show his traditions and customs through fashion. It is the fashion which distinguishes one person from other, otherwise all people look same.  Through dressing style one can easily recognize from which country he or she belongs.

Some people believe that fashion is for those people who have a lot of money to spend money on clothes and other things. This concept is wrong; fashion doesn’t mean to be a model by wearing branded shoes or designer clothes. Fashion is the icon of our self it means what thing suits us, we are comfortable with it, we are confident and what make us different even by wearing simple dress.

People says that “First impression is the last impression” I do not believe on this thinking cause impression always change but still it lasts for long time and fashion is our impression on others. It is helpful in many ways like if we go for interview our dressing can be helpful tool for us. Fashion is not the matter of life or death, it is the just way to express ourselves.

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