Is Idris Elba The Next James Bond?

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With the next instalment of the ever popular James Bond franchise set to arrive in October 2015, speculation into the casting of the film will be a popular search amongst fans, more importantly who is going to play the MI6 sleuth. Well it has been confirmed that the widely loved Daniel Craig shall return again as 007, and he shall also take the main role again in the following film.

The Chester-born actor, who has plied his trade on the stage and in front of a camera, has been donning the suit an tie, with less cheesy quips as Bond since 2006 and has impressed ever since, due to the way he has changed the image and persona of Bond to a more brooding and rough, with a touch of sophistication, style which would be expected from a former special services officer. But at the age 45, in a role where a single actor plays 007 only 3-5 times (Craig has played 3 times so far), people are starting to wonder who will replace him.

Multiple names have been in the roster with the likes of Clive Owen, Jude Law, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, and even rumours of the 5"5 Harry Potter main man Daniel Radcliffe. But for me personally, one name sticks out as the ideal candidate for the job, Idris Elba.

Elba, 41, has been a rising star and become a popular household name since his role as the drug Kingpin Russell Bell in the HBO series The Wire back in 2002, and has been cast in multiple projects since. Much like Craig (and many other British actors), The Hackney-born Elba has had to persevere with minor roles for many years in his acting career, but in 1999, he moved to New York City in 1999 in an attempt to further his career. Although he had 3 years repeating his minor role trend in Britain, he got his lucky break.

Since his break, Elba was chosen for the main role in the BBC TV series Luther in 2009, and has also taken his opportunities to make a break into film. having played major roles in films such as Obsessed, Thor, pacific Rim, and more recently the Nelson Mandela based Long Walk To Freedom, putting in very impressive displays of acting ability in varied roles. He was also in the music video for the Mumford And Sons song Lover Of The Light.

It is through these performances, he has been shortlisted for the Bond role. Being able to deliver lines from a subtle, dry humour, to aggressive and intimidating style, combined with the physique and stylish mannerisms that Daniel Craig has brought to the franchise, who better suits the role at the moment than Idris himself. To add to this, Daniel Craig himself has chosen Elba to be his successor, stating that he is the only man to be the next James Bond.

Now I am going to address the elephant in room, Yes, Idris Elba is in fact black, which would make him the first black James Bond. The idea of a black James Bond has been on the cards since 1997 with Colin Salmon said to take the role in Tomorrow Never Dies, but he eventually opted for the role of Charles Robinson in the same film.

Although this change may be met with criticism from fans of the Bond legacy, people should be so quick to judge based on change. Prior to Daniel Craig's casting as Bond, the role was filled by actors who where chosen for their looks more so than ability to suit the role. Craig made the role to what it should be based on the books, which was a change for the better as the public would agree. this is a change that Idris will be able to continue with ease despite the pressure on the role.

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