Is it a necessity or banality to find the meaning of life?

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Welcome to read my new blog. I love psychology. I love reading psychology books. All these existence questions always were interesting to me. Why are we living? What is the meaning of life? And so on. My friends like to say that I am too young to torture myself with all those questions, but I want to find the answer why I am on this Earth, what is my purpose here. And I want to talk with you about the meaning of life. I want to share my thoughts on this topic, and I want to hear your opinion what is meaning in your life? Have you found it already, or you are in the search still?

 Most people go along the path of life without even thinking about whether it leads where they would like to be. They are climbing the career ladder, learning, striving for a good relationship, wealth, and glory without even asking, whether these things give them a true happiness and whether this model of life satisfies them. We have such a wide range of choices, but most often, we use the obvious variations - those that have already been tested by our loved ones, friends or acquaintances.

The pressure from parents and the environment, their expectations shape our destiny, and other people' luck scenarios become a star leading us. After all, experienced people know better, right? The discrepancy between where we are, and where we would want to be, make us feel inferior and raises the question of the meaning of life.

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 Maybe it seems to you that this question is banal, completely uninterested, or answered many times? Or maybe it is the fundamental question that everyone is trying to answer, but so no one has been able to deliver the final answer to this day because failed? Or maybe it's not worth answering this question, maybe there are more important things?

To answer such a difficult question, you need to understand what is going on. Is it possible to shoot the answer straight away what is the life, and what is the meaning? I can't. Therefore, I have to define some concepts so that you would not argue much and do not go into philosophical reflections - life is like a leaf of rose fluttering in the wind?... No. It's all logical with my view on life meaning.

Why is it useful to know the meaning of life?

In my opinion, we are coming to this world not accidentally. There certainly is a meaning to it. And if our consciousness stays in darkness, then we go with the stream, we are not ashamed of our evil deeds often without realizing that we are doing wrong, because it seems that everyone is doing it, so everything is according to the norm.

I do not remember who it said and where I read it, but it was said that the whole human life is like an exam: it's not so important to finish the work, more important is to do it qualitatively. The student must be ready to hear that time for the exam just ended, and we must be ready to be "canceled" at any moment of life. So, that moment - death - is the most worrying to us. It makes at least a little change in our worldview, unless, of course, we have lost a healthy mind.

Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. - Gautama Budda


Perhaps, the meaning of life is not just to solve the problems of our own body. It's the perception of where I'm going. Every day is like a gift to us, and all creatures: insects, birds, cats, and dogs also receive such a gift. But only the human can approach the meaning of his life with every single given day. Living a day on eating and sleeping alone means not to evaluate your human nature, to give up the human future. It's worth learning how to cherish our time because we will not buy it even for the greatest wealth.

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 Where does the meaning of life begin?

Whether we came to this life just to take, or to learn to give? The meaning of life begins with the perception that we came here not to just survive because we were born of humans, not animals. Some people think that everything has to belong to them, while others want to share everything equally. But all the similar concepts are the result of ignorance of what the life should actually be. Knowing is the clarity of consciousness, the perception that we should observe the laws of our universe and live only in harmony with nature.

The path to the meaning of life begins when we start taking responsibility for our lives,  for our fate. The road to the meaning of life begins with the learning to stop blaming the fate of failure and start asking ourselves what we can do better in life, how we can use our best qualities and talents for the benefit of others.


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What is the meaning of human life?

Each person's life has several stages, which we have to go through. It depends only on us on which of these steps we will stop or go further. Perhaps nobody will argue that love is the most important emotion and quality of man. Therefore, the easiest way to say that the meaning of life is to learn to love. Depending on the consciousness, love in our hearts is progressing, growing or degrading. Love is also related to another important feature - self-sacrifice.

The level of our consciousness also determines the stages we go through. In the first stage, we only love ourselves, so it's important to us that everything is fine for us. In the second stage, we love those who give us joy, who agree with us and support our ideas. These are our relatives, friends, and like-minded ones. The third stage is a sufficiently high level of consciousness when we can love those with whom we disagree, those who do not give us any satisfaction and may even hinder our lives. At this level of consciousness, we see all of these people as our teachers. We are grateful to them for good and for bad they did, that's why we can love them.


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I have no intention to consider what life is in general, without linking it to a particular person, because as soon as a person is born - life begins automatically, and nothing needs to be done for that. And when a person dies, life breaks down. Notwithstanding the whole human inheritance - the artworks, memories in the minds of others, the foundations of business, photos - the life is interrupted.

So, what is the meaning of life in a wider approach? The meaning occurs when we can compare "with" and "without". For example, if we want to know what the meaning of a light bulb is, let's compare the world with a light bulb and without a light bulb. There is a difference? Well, it is brighter with a light bulb. That's, this light is the meaning of the light bulb. In such way, you can find out the meaning of any other thing - compare the world with and without. What is the meaning of a mobile phone? The meaning of money, love, anger, friendship?


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You can play - take one thing, the meaning of which you want to figure out and try to imagine that it no longer exists. What has changed? What can you not do anymore? What should be done differently? Or maybe you have more freedom now? If you answer these questions - congratulations, you have found the meaning!

The meaning can be different for everyone. What looks meaningful to one person can be meaningless to the other one. What it's good for one person can be bad for another one.  As a result, our question goes to the dead end. So, we have to answer the question - meaningful to whom?

For the sake of convenience, I break down everything into three parts - the person himself, all other people, and the rest of the world.

What is the meaning of human life for a person himself? It depends on what that person does. If his actions harm him in one way or another, then the meaning is negative. If his actions make him better, the meaning is positive and his life is meaningful. When is it good for a man? When he's happy, he's happy with life, whatever the causes were. The first conclusion follows from this:

1. The meaning of human life is to be happy and enjoy life.


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What is the meaning of human life for all other people? It's just as dependent on what a person does. If his actions are better for other people, then the meaning is positive. When other people feel better? When they get something valuable (not necessarily tangible, like love).  

Here is the second conclusion:

2. The meaning of human life is to give something valuable to others.


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What is the meaning of human life for the whole world? As in the previous case, one has to give something valuable to the world. And what is valuable to the world? The world is constantly evolving and moving forward, and constantly emerging something new. There was a time when the world consisted of only stars and galaxies, later the planet appeared, later life appeared, people. The people created a compass, a phone, a computer, and so on.

So, the world considers as a valuable everything that contributes to the movement forward, its development, the emergence of new things. The man contributes to the development of the world by improving it, creating new things. To do this, he needs to improve himself - to learn new things and gain new experiences. Here's the third conclusion:

3. The meaning of human life is development and creativity.


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Now, we can measure how much every action in our life is meaningful. If we ever wonder whether we want to do something or not, at least we can tell if there's any sense in our actions, in what we are going to do. If we need to choose from several actions, we know how to choose the most meaningful.

I will give you an example how I understand this. I will evaluate several steps we can do daily on a scale from -3 to +3:

1. You spend a half an hour on a social site like Instagram or Facebook:

  • The joy of life: +1
  • Adding value to others: (I'll upload a funny photo) +1
  • Improvement and creativity: -1 (brainless time spending).


2. You spend a half a day at the gym.

  • The joy of life: +1
  • Adding value to others: (I will inspire others by my example, or I will be strong and I will be able to help someone else) +1
  • Improvement and creativity: (there I mean only a physical development) +2


3. You devote a half an hour on volunteering.

  • The joy of life: +1
  • Adding value to others: +3
  • Improvement and creativity: +2

What action scored the most points? What would you choose? Can points help you in your choice?

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But I also want to note that the meaning of life occurs when you take any action. Until you take any action, there is no difference whether you live a meaningful life or not. It follows that even if you upload a lot of photos to Facebook, your life will already be more meaningful than if doing absolutely nothing. But you can also choose something more meaningful. You decide.

I do not say that it is necessary to behave meaningfully.  I say that we can find out whether we are acting meaningfully, and decide for ourselves behave more meaningfully or less meaningfully. The meaning is not a prerequisite for the joy of life, but the joy of life is one of the constituent parts of meaningful life.


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For the final note

Here's an article I wrote. What's the point?

The joy of life - I like to write, so I enjoyed every push of a keystroke.

The value to others - I shared my insights on the world with others because what I wrote is valuable to me, and I believe that it may be valuable to others.

Improvement and creativity - it is first my post about the meaning of life, I have never written about this aspect of personality's psychology. It is some kind of development because I never did it before, it's a whole new experience. Well, of course, this is a piece of creativity, because I've been writing all those paragraphs.

You can say that nobody will ever answer this question and all these writings are meaningless. Because the meaning of life is understood by everyone differently or not understood at all. But I wrote how I understand it. That is my opinion, my view of life meaning.


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Our life is not just a bunch of occasions. Everything we've done and survived so far has brought us where we are today. Our choices, intentions, and actions create our fate. In order to make life meaningful, we must first to name those meanings.  What meaning do we want to have in our life? This is a question that can answer only you.

Our life is a choice. And the choice determines the form of life and the content we design. Only when we decide to complement our life with new experiences, we will see the world, people, then new paths with interesting possibilities will meet us.

We become our greatest enemies, going with the mainstream, without taking any responsibility for the future and postponing the most important issues that arise in the heart. However, there is no victory without action. Without victory, there is no meaning. If you want to change something in life, you need to get started!


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Have a meaningful life!


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