Is It Possession or Just Mass Hysteria?

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I was fond of watching a television show on ABS-CBN before entitled "Hiwaga." This show features paranormal/mysterious or unexplained phenomena. One recent show I watched featured a girl followed by a shadow from her childhood to adulthood. She was said to have seen evil spirits even when she was still a child because she has a third eye.

This story reminded me of news in the same television network regarding an alleged evil possession in a school in Albay, Philippines. The said incident occurred after the school cut a huge old tree inside the campus, which folks say may have caused the "spirits" to retaliate. As a result, several high-school students were possessed.

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Even reporters who covered the incident showed footage of these girls having unusual voices, sharp eyes, and extraordinary strength. The possession was said to spread like fire, from one student to another in a short time. Then priests were called to the scene to try and drive away the demons. I wonder if they really believe in the existence of evil spirits, but perhaps this is the case, given their practice of exorcism.

When psychologists were asked about the issue, they said the incident was a case of mass hysteria. They did not believe in evil possessions. However, they were not able to explain the possible cause of the problem.

Each one of us holds a different belief, I know. Others are completely skeptical about supernatural things, while some are atheists. As for me, I believe in the existence of evil spirits, as the Bible says Satan was thrown into the earth with his minions.

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