Is it True? Bubblews Relaunching A New Version

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Yesterday, I read something about an intriguing news about Bubblews here at Bitlanders (Not sure if it was ate Lonie's or ate Sam's MB) Because of that, I quickly checked my Bubblews account, though inactive for almost 5 months I can still open it.

I read some of the articles published by some authors and ugh, I missed being a writer for Bubblews. And moments later I stumbled in Arvind's latest article post saying they're on the process of relaunching a new version of Bubblews. I'm not sure but that's what I understand about it.

Hopefully, this is something new and something that would make us want to get back there. And crossing fingers that there'll be no US or UK only users criteria for being first in the line. (No hard feelings)

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