IS our relation is better with other countries on the base of Busincess

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Today we talk about the relationship between the Pakistan and all country of the world. As we know that the relationship between Pakistan and china, India, Canada, and other united states are very better like the friends.

But if we talk about the relation of countries as a base of competitor, there are some countries that are unlike the Pakistan like a enemy. The biggest example of that country are seen our eyes openly that is India. India the country who dislike the Pakistan in the beginning of the country in 1947.

Indians people make many difficulties for the Muslim especially Pakistani peoples. The reason is that both country have different religion and have a different lifestyle due to this they do not live together. On the other hand the border line of Pakistan and china are very strong like a brother country.

In the beginning days of Pakistan china help the Pakistan like a brother and support the Pakistan with heart feelings. And give a full protection to the Pakistan and help financially and other supported bases.

Today the friendship of Pakistan and china are famous is through the whole world. And many projects are build due to help are very important for Pakistan , due to this see china people like a brother.

The relationship of Pakistan with other countries are normally better and behave the normal relationship and have no difficulties with the other countries.

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