Is Paidverts Going to be Okay Soon?

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I've been a member of Paidverts for almost a few months by now. So far I fairly got a decent payout for all those time and effort I invested. I never wanted to trust any PTC sites as I don't believe in them but I got hooked by PV.

There's a big earning potential in that site if you just know some good strategy. But in these past few months PV got into a lot of troubles. It has also been identified as a scam. Upon hearing that I got nervous as there comes a time where I can't access the site. When finally I got the chance to enter their site, I requested for a payout and in just a matter of around less than 48 hours I got paid.

As of now, Paidverts Ad issues are continuing to go back to normal. Plus a debt swap that's about to happen between the month of March or April hoping that everything goes totally fine again. *cross fingers*

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