Can you imagine the difference it would make to business overall if you could increase the average businessperson's networking capacity at least a hundredfold with the help of their existing smart phone? What if you could help every businessman or woman to make more sales by being able to exchange more sales focused information instantly through their phones. What if you could share sales and marketing information with potential clients across the room or across the world in the same moment instantly from your phone?

Imagine if you could make it possible for all businesses to allow their customers to buy their products and or their services by simply shaking phones with them? What if you were possible to totally eliminate an existing business tool that is responsible for horrendous damage to the environment year upon year and replace it with an infinitely more powerful but 100% environmentally friendly one in a phone? Imagine if you could offer every businessman and woman a huge saving on the most important and the most vital business toolthey must have if they are to stay in business?

A new start up mobile tech company called "Biznetcards" have just developed what is probably the most world's most powerful, most cost effective and most practical business tool available today. A business card that really makes the mobile smart phone a much more serious business tool. Combining the most powerful, most practical, most economical way to distribute your business information it is a pure joy for clients to receive this card directly to their phones. Biznetcards makes it seriously easy way to network among prospective clients generating more business leads, bringing you more business through faster sharing of essential information using Fone2Fone technology.

Biznetcards realized the absurdity of having a smart phone in one pocket and a piece of dead paper in the other one. To have to take a piece of paper and then manually extract the details from it and input those details into your smart phone is simply a ridiculous waste of time and energy. In addition using paper cards has a truly devastating impact on our environment. For those reasons Biznetcards invented a new and unique business card that will most assuredly change the way we think about our phone when we want to either launch a new business or simply generate more business leads.

Biznetcards have simply invented the world's most powerful, most practical and most cost effective business card that lasts a lifetime with unlimited amounts of cards, unlimited changes to your premises, phone and email address. This amazing new high tech card has the ability to be shared across the room or across the world in the same moment. It has the functionality of being able to add an ordering facility and turn itself into a website when viewed on your computer allowing you to order and pay for products directly from your business card even on the phone.

This truly amazing new business tool will also allow you to share your business card your price list, your product profile or services and download all this information from fellow cardholders by simply shaking your phone. How easy is that to do business, no emails no texting necessary to swap this information. Having a seriously effective Biznetcard shows that you are truly serious about doing more business.

You can make your own Biznetcards here in just under 5 minutes by clicking on