ISIS Adoption Remains of Saddam Hussein's tactics

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ISIS adopting the tactics of Saddam Hussein trick fighter jets, which burn tires as much as possible to create a smokescreen.

This tactic is shown when ISIS face fighter attack over Anbar Province. However, this tactic is not always successful, because the required number of besa tires. 

In Kobane, ISIS relatively successful trick US pilots with burning houses were taken to create smog.

"It was the way Saddam Hussein. ISIS know how it is because of a number of former Saddam Hussein generals with him," said General Mohamed al-Askary, Iraqi defense ministry spokesman.

"The trick has been deprecated. Saddam used that trick when invasion of the United States, but failed," said Al-Askary.

Al-Askary still remember how Saddam Hussein's generals burning oil wells to create a smokescreen for bebulan-month. Smoke only cover the neighboring countries, but did not make a blind pilot USA.

Fighter today, still according to Al Askary, equipped radar technology that can track targets. So, will not smokescreen useless.

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