ISIS Bookstore in Denver, Colorado attacked

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Have you ever heard of a bookstore related to ISIS? Do they find money by selling books?  Sounds funny…!

A few days ago, in Denver, Colorado, the news reported that a bookstore was found wearing the name of ISIS. The owner of ISIS bookstore mentioned that it isn't related to the ISIS terrorist group.

The bookstore was established in 1980 and the name of the bookstore comes from the Egyptian goddess of healing. The owner says that his bookstore was attacked 5 times in 5 years. He says that the people who attacked it probably mistook it with the name of ISIS terrorist group.

The ISIS Bookstore was attacked once again after the Paris attacks. The owners say that they are not going to change the name of their bookstore, as the meaning of Isis is about caring about humans which is the opposite of the terrorist group actions.  

The ISIS bookstore published a message on Facebook after a recent attack on their bookstore:

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