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Islam vs West is a religio political conflict that has got immense international focus in the global affairs today.Historically,both these poles have struggled to dominate each other but in the post 9/11 political climate “Islamophobia” grew so much that Islamism replaced communism as the adulterous force threatening the west .In the Muslim world anti-western sentiments provided many to questions whether this incipient clash between west and Islam evolve into a new cold war.Many scholars have begun using the term “Clash Of Civilizations” interchangeably with conflicts between the west and Islam.One of the basic reasons of this conflict is that both west and Islam are strongly grounded in their convictions.The misperceptions imposed on the public of both cultures make the clash of civilizations inevitable.

The imperialistic designs of the west add fuel to the fury of Muslim world’s anti-West sentiments.Particularly dialogue and interfaith harmony is the key to stability and peace and this is what ultimately required in the turbulent world Harmonizing their similarities both Islam and west can promote world peace. At several points in the history Islam and the west remained at daggers drawn with each other in the form of “crusades”.In this regard Turks have a significant role to keep Europe in threat of the attacks.Turks conquered much of Balkans,North Africa,captured Constantinople in 1463 and designed Vicuna,in 1529.For almost a thousand years from the first Moorish landing in Spain to the second savage of Vienna Europe was under constant threat from Islam.


Then by the 15th century the tide began its turn in the west’s favour.It was at this time of the history when European Portuguese and other western states decided to circumvent the Muslim land and penetrate into the Indian Ocean and beyond.In 1683 the last unsuccessful attempt of Ottoman besieging Vienna marked the beginning of long retreat,involving the revolt of orthodox people in Balkans to get independence from Ottoman rule.Since then the world has witnessed stormy relations and hot wars between Islam and west.

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