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With the passage of time the image of Islam is going depraved in western countries, this is just because of their media propagation, as they only present the bad image of Islam to their viewers by showing extremism. So the western people are feeling insecurity. The political leaders of USA and Europe are mutually against Islam because they know if they will let Islam to spread freely and if Muslim countries will be united then Muslims will certainly rule the world and that’s what they don’t want that. They called it a Fundamentality.

According to research report held with in USA explains that more than half of their population left their native religion and converted to other religion, and majority shift to Islam. According to report majority of people belongs to catholic sect of Christianity change their religion. Educated people in western countries are shifting to Islam. They directly research on Islam and been inspired by the teachings of Islam, then they try to communicate with Muslims and in a result by observing faith, happiness and good gesture of Muslims they permanently converted to Islam.

Islam is a most peaceful religion in the world. In current situation as we can see our religious scholars are not trying to teach holy lessons on Islam but doing hate speeches against each other’s. We can observe that Sectarianism is not only limited to Islamic society but in other religions too like Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism. In Pakistan Sectarian violence cause by local and foreign conspiracies. The major sects effected by these conspiracies are Sunni, Shia Barelvi & Deobandi. Sunnis are in majority in Pakistan i.e. 80% while shi’as are covering 20% and are leading minority. Moreover our political and economic elements create a situation to raise such violence. By showing hate speeches of religious scholar’s media also take part in increasing violence.

We all should show unity to fight against terrorism and our political leaders and religious scholars have to condemn such anti-state elements and to expose foreign sponsors who are involved in anti-state activities. Brotherhood in different sects is so necessary at the moment because we are facing internal and external terrorizations.

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