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We Muslims believe in one Allah. Our religion is Islam. We worship One God we have faith on it. He sent Hazrat Adam first on earth and then Hazrat Hawwa. Allah made the world for Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). He is the last Prophet of Allah. Allah sent almost One Lac Twenty Four Thousand Prophets in world. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) delivers the message of Allah to the mankind. He sets examples by His doings for the Muslims. He tells us that Islam is the vast religion.

Before Islam there were no respects for women. Islam sets the rights for women. Islam also set rights for orphans and poor. We as Muslims have believe on that if we do good deeds we go to Paradise but if we do bad deeds we o to Hell. One day came when this world will be destroyed. That day is known as Qyyamat. After it we have to give Hissab of our deeds to Allah Almighty.

It is our duty to preach Islam. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) also preaches Islam even outside the Makah. Islam sets rights and duties of parents, husband, wife, neighbors, traveler, teacher and students. Islam made a life easy and simple. If we follow Islam then we can spent our life easily.

Muslims lead their lives on the rules and regulations set by Islam. Islam is not a conservation religion. Muslims pray five times a day. Allah gave a status of Ashraf ul Makhluqat to humans. Allah made everything for humans e.g. Water, Food, Sun. Moon, Mountains, Hills, Seas, Rivers, Eyes, Ears, Tongue, Animals and Birds etc.

Muslim goes to Makah and Medina for Hajj and Umrah. Allah accepts our prayers. He is very kind us. In spite of our bad deeds He helps us. Islam shows the right path. We can get any solution of our problems from Holy Quran.

Islam gives a lesson of humanity justice love harmony equality tolerance to mankind. If we follow these then we can achieve our goal and can lea our life easily.

In short w can say that Islam is a complete code of life.

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