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The Islamic community is one of the urgent necessities of the human in human and Islamic law clearly understands what kind of life.

Today science has proven that community law is not enforced lawlessness, corruption, injustice and law breaking is ruled Even a senior court judge England confession that modern-day response to Islamic law imposed on our society is actually more useful if we want to have an Islamic society have their children in the education system a serious change to be included among the constituent society and families is to help attention.


The family is the cradle of origin for the structure of a society.(NewPlant) New seedlings that are trained and dedicated to the children of the community should also be encouraged alongside the worldly sciences hereafter science in the future to an Islamic society and Islamic cultures were adorned with.Country nationals in the Islamic society, all of God's laws (c) comply with the law, and are all the same scourge of matching people to respect their culture and beliefs of society and to the right of others to not exceed.


Man-made laws in the future society and people today cannot guarantee and society leads to the misguided and vain. The holy Quran is a complete book, is the authoritative and comprehensive community towards happiness, prosperity, equality and social justice guides and teaches his followers how to live any problem is prescribed in the Quran Sharif: For example, the punishment for adultery is stoning criminals, murderers punishment for thieves should be cut off his hand similarly unlawful for any act which Allah has forbidden punishment, has been appointed by.

In a society that is not punishment and punishment of unrestrained at the time society and chaotic anarchy.


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