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A school teacher came into the classroom while the children draw says: "I want each of you to tell me about his future ambitions that he would have grown up. Children said: pilot, doctor, engineer, police officer, lawyer All children were wandering around the answer. Everything except a child to her surprise, and Everyone laughed at him. He told his teacher: "I wish that I become a man." His desire to be dismayed by the teacher asks: Why do you want to be the man? The child says that my dear mother every night before I sleep, tells the story of a man. I know that is a brave man. God is loving. Not afraid of anyone except Allah. "I want to be like him." The teacher is silent. He heard it tries to stop his tears. He knew that Behind this child is a great mother why he has chosen the target.

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ALLAH is with every one; difference is that only some people feel it.

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