Issue of Jammu and Kashmir

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The dispute of Jammu and Kashmir is between two independent states Pakistan and India.Many other states which were not under the British government joined Pakistan and India.The Kashmir issue is one of those problems which the UN has been unable to solve over the last 55 years.Jammu and Kashmir consists of three regions:

  1. Jammu
  2. Kashmir Valley and
  3. Ladakh





Srinagar is  said to be the 'summer capital' and the Jammu is said to be the 'winter capital'.Kashmir was one of the largest states,and the most important as many major rivers originate here.The Raja of Kashmir was a hindu while the majority of the people living their were Muslims.The Raja's army started harassing the people soon after the independence,and as a reaction many warriors from the tribal areas of Pakistan entered the state of Kashmir to overthrow the Raja.






According to the TWO NATION THEORY,Kashmir should have been with Pakistan because of the Muslim majority.Diplomatic relation between these two independent states,Pakistan and India was increased due to many other reasons including this as a major reason.India disregarded many resolutions by the UN security council and the UNC in these independent states.





The Jhelum river is the only river that flows through the Valley of Kashmir.It is a home to so many valleys like:

  • Chenab Valley
  • Poonch Valley
  • Kashmir Valley
  • Lidder Valley and
  • the Sind Valley

Jammu and Kashmir has a muslim majority.97% of the population of the Kashmir Valley are muslims.There is a lot of terrorism in Kashmir.India never conducted this plebiscite and the tension over Kashmir led to full-scale war between India and Pakistan in 1965.







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