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The call center industry is no longer a booming industry here in the Philippines. It has been around for many years and is actually one of the major or lucrative business opportunities in the country. I am actually quite blessed to say that I consider myself to be one of the pioneers of this particular business sector. For those who are not aware, I am formerly employed in one of the top call center firms in the country.

Anyway, the call center industry is here to stay. It may range from multi-national organizations to smaller enterprise (otherwise known as SMEs). Naturally, the base of operations depends on the size of the company. The HQ of the simplest one may be as compact as a bungalow type of house with a steady and reliable internet connection.

Now, some may wonder why call center companies are choosing the Philippines? The answer is actually quite simple. It is because Filipinos are good at speaking and understanding the English language. Additionally, many of these speakers are also quick thinkers especially when coming up with a solution for a difficult question or inquiry from the caller (also known as customer). On top of this, Filipinos are easy to train and picks up information rather quickly.

Some countries may see the Philippines simply as a third world country. But many of us also have dreams and when given the opportunity and training, we can be rationale thinkers who aim to better ourselves and contribute to the nation.

I am a Filipino dude and very proud to be one.

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