It is not about the music, more than the meaning behind it

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Music is very known to every person's lifestyle. Even if you say that you are not a lover of it, i am very sure that once in your life you enjoyed listening to it. But the very role of Music is very broad and have many use too. When you are bored, you just turn on your phone or ipad and listen to it. Even in taking a shower or while cooking, sometimes you cannot hide it. 


Even just now, music played a huge role in my life, it became my practice and lifestyle and that is through Worship. I really thought that Worship is just singing a beautiful song about God with inspiring lyrics on it and motivating meaning behind it. But as i journey with the Lord and become a part of Dance ministry, my perspective about worship began to became deep. I learned that it is not about the music, about the lyrics and the meaning of it. Nor about the artist, or the one who performed it and how they deliver the song. But it is all about your HEART. How you respond to the Holy Spirit that is talking to you while you are worshipping. How you can spread the love and word spoken to you by God. 


My lifestyle every sunday is to listen to this radio station named Saved radio, and they play best of the best Christian songs. Upon tweeting, Dj Ganns who are the Dj obviously tweeted me, then i was being reminded to always give honor and glory to His Name. And that is through worship, and of course through ministry also. 


I've been struggling in my spiritual life these past few weeks, and aside from the word of God, worship songs were my bestfriends. 


Here are some of my favorites, these songs continue to remind me how God loves us! 


Touch the sky- Hillsong 

10,000 Reasons- The Katinas

More than you think I am- Danny Gokey

The Maker- Christ August

Broken Vessels- Hillsong Worship

Calvary- Hillsong Worship

Never Gone- Colton Dixon

Brave- Moriah Peters

You make me Brave- Bethel Music

Always- Kristian Stanfill


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