It's a dog thing - you see!

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It's a dog thing - you see! 

 Dog who loves to dive underwater. // Photo by: Seth Casteel


Dog enjoys a beautiful sunset. // Photo by: Ingrid Brandt


Homeless puppy needs some love. // Photo by: unknown


Do you love my wrinkles? Shar Pei close-up. // Photo by: Tim Flach


A soldier and his fellow dog in Iraq. // Photo by: U.S. Army


World`s smallest dog, named Beyonce. // Photo by: Lisa Van Dyke | AP



Biuf, English bulldog. // Photo by: Ginko S


Akita Inu with a scarf on a snowy day. // Photo by: Jessica Trinh


How many dalmatian puppies can you spot on this photo? // Photo by: Tim Flach


A dog and the butterfly. // Photo by: Candice Sedighan


Komondors, a traditional Hungarian guard dog. // Photo by: Laszlo Balogh


Best friends. // Photo by Elena Shumilova


Tallest dog in the world, great dane Zeus. Photo by: Guinness World Records


Husky sleeping at red flower field. Photo by: Peter Przybille


Dog runs through a parade, Mexico. Photo by: Yuri Cortez




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