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Greetings fellow BitLanders!

So as some of you might know, the past few weeks have been like a roller coaster with my computer issues. One week my video card doesn't work, another week it does, and now my computer's hard drive is completely dead. So all in all, in the matter of trying to get things done, the month of March has been not so great.

I'll be able to order a new hard drive in the next few days and get back up and running again. And a lot of the programs I used to have I'll still be able to re-download because that's relatively simple to do since I already paid for those programs to begin with.

Still, any time your personal computer or other electrical device breaks, it's very difficult to deal with.

It's especially difficult to deal with for someone like me who made a bit of a career out of making videos and sharing them with people like you. I had intended to finish my long awaited 12th episode of Emina far earlier in this month, and I also intended to return to making Ninja Steve episodes because I know you guys really enjoy them. And I enjoy making them too! In all of their ridiculous and comedic glory. And let me tell you, I have plans to expand Ninja Steve well beyond the confines of GoAnimate. Like Space Opera, it seems to be a show that people can understand fairly easily. And I like concepts like that which are easy for other people to grasp.

I guess that's one reason why Hollywood movie companies require their writers to come up with these things called loglines, which are 1 to 2 sentence summaries of the scripts that they make. Let's try one now:

Title: The Adventures of Ninja Steve

Logline: An earnest and squeaky voiced Ninja hilariously saves his town on a weekly basis.

See? That was pretty simple and was only one sentence long.

So I'd like to partner up with an animation company one day to bring even more Ninja Steve adventures to screens big and small. A Ninja Steve movie would be pretty cool too, but for now I think he works well in small doses. That way, you don't get tired of him.

And I'd like to do similar things with my Space Opera and Emina shows. Emina is a bit of a tougher sell because the ideas behind it are ever changing and growing, thus it makes it a bit more complex and harder to explain. But Space Opera has been pretty self explanatory since I made the first video nearly 2 years ago and I'm glad for all of the buzzes and interest you guys have shown in that as well. Emina too! You guys really liked the preview video for episode 12, and that makes me all the more excited to finally finish it and bring it before you all.

I just have to get past these pesky computer issues first. And hopefully that won't take more than a week from the time this blog is written.

So that's pretty much it. For now I'm stuck reading and writing messages on other people's laptops, as well as my personal phone, until I get things back up and running. And when I do get back up and running I think I'll bring you guys a new Ninja Steve before I get back to work on Emina. Because after all of this, I just want to do something fun and silly to make you guys laugh and smile for a bit. And hey, Ninja Steve does the same for me too! I can't tell you guys enough how many times I've cracked up with laughter just thinking about the silly things and situations I put Ninja Steve through in each video.

And don't worry! Even though Steve had his heart broken in the last episode, he will be back to defending his city from horrible monsters with his head held high!

Thanks again for all of the support and buzzes. I'll be back soon with more videos and things to write about video games and movies!

And in the mean time, check out this fun bit involving my Emina character Darius in a very WWE style event. Some of my fellow animators from GoAnimate also took part to create a hilarious experience!

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