It's A Trapp! Productions Update 7-12-14

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I'm amazed at how many of you have decided to check out my page in such a short amount of time. In 5 days I have nearly as many subscribers here than what it's taken me 2 years to get at YouTube. My largest audience is at but at the rate things are going here at Film Annex that number might be dwarfed! So with that said, thanks again to all those who have subscribed! 

On Monday I'm going to start bringing over my long running anime-style series Emina (also created at Emina is more action oriented and heavier on the dramatic aspects than Space Opera. I've included a poster I made to help set the stage for what's in store!

So until then, please use this opportunity to ask me about my work! I was going to include a link to a pair of interviews I took part in earlier this year, but the websites that hosted those interviews are offline. So you, my growing audience! I leave it up to you to ask me questions about my work. You can ask me anything, like why I chose to get into animation, what other things have I written, what inspires me and so on. 

I've made 11 episodes of Emina so far, and episode 12 is in the works currently.I'll post the episodes here at a rate of 2 per week (Monday and Friday) until everyone is all caught up. If we're fortunate enough, by the time I post Episode 10, maybe Episode 12 will be done. Who knows? I'll also continue to post Space Opera videos as I finish them so that there will be a steady stream of content continuously going on until I reach the end points of my story lines for these shows.

Thanks once more to everyone who has subscribed. Looking forward to your questions and comments!


My YouTube subscriber list now sits at 51. My Film Annex subscriber list now sits at 52. Thanks guys, you're now my second biggest audience online and after only 5 days! Let's see if we can get to 100 subscribers by the end of next week, or more! I'd love to have a few thousand subscribers someday (or maybe even ONE MILLLLLLLLON) so I'll continue to work hard to provide you with awesome content. :D

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