Its Better To Remain Silent Now (Part 2)

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I have a lot of stories to tell but truth is i feel ashamed while telling telling these stories. When someone enters his old age, he has only only stories to tell and i am too stubborn who wants to remain young even in this old age. I have discussed the hospitality of peoples of Islamabad because back in these days the hot favorite topic was future of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. His party was limited to Sindh only and the one thing that we assume can shine in future is none other than Mr. Imran Khan, but Mr. Zardari refused the idea of Nawaz Sharif of becoming sort of king. If this discussion was limited to people of Islamabad then their old friends might forget Mr. Ex President but after few time Mr Zardari visited Washington and there he met Pakistani Based Trader Riffat Mehmood and there he also met Vice President of United State of America and many other members of congress. What was their topic of discussion, and for how long this discussion was on, no one has any idea about it. On media and internet there were few pics in which Mr Zardari can be seen in jolly mood with famous personalities of United State of America. An active and prominent member of Pakistan Peoples Party Shehla Bibi quoted a naughty story which was denied by officials of Pakistan Peoples Party. 

According to resources there were rumors that Mr. Zardari will be elected as President again, how this will happen , no one had any idea. Some say Mr. Zardari will blackmail Mr. Shairf or they will build and up set which will lead him to Presidency seat. Before i tell my views on that, i want to say that i like Mr. Mamnoon Hussain. Two times we have met and i like their company as he is of quite good nature.



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