It's Just a GAME!

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Literally it is just a game. A game that gives me a superbly enjoyment.

Dota2 is one of the mainstream in game world. A very addictive game of this generation. Even a grade schooler now know how to play this game.

Just this afternoon a group in Facebook hosted a mini tournament of dota2. Everyone is invited to join, and so I form a group of 5 including me. From more than 500 teams, we pass the 3 games elimination round and made it to the next round. The next single elimination game brought us to the 2nd round only. I was a bit disappointed because we are so close to the finals if we weren't defeated in the 2nd round of the 2nd elimination round. But now I have realized that it was not all about the pot money because the real prize has been in our hand since the beginning of the game and it is the experience, the bonding of the team, and the new friends we gain while playing in the game.

I am never a loser because I never give up up to the last minute of the game. Being a loser doesn't mean literally losing the game. The losers are those who quit before reaching their dreams. :D

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