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Hi my dear friend. Today I have one more story for you my young reader. This story  is called “THE BEGINNING”.

Since 2005 I’ve  had a dream: to be successful, happy and young FOREVER. Success for me is not about money but it’s something else, it’s a combination of few things:  family, job, and our health.  

It’s very interesting to explore balance in my life:




Family=10, Job=0, Health=10 (20) – not bad for independent start


Family=9, Job=2, Health=9 (20) – started my first business (coffee sales)


Family=8, Job=3, Health=8 (19) – additional job (cashier)


Family=4, Job=9, Health=7 (20) – moved to Megapolis, Im a “big” star


Family=3, Job=9, Health=6 (18) – yes, it was difficult time in my life


Family=4, Job=5, Health=10 (19) – its getting better


Family=7, Job=3, Health=10 (20) – finally


Family=7, Job=7, Health=10 (24) – the system is broken…. Maybe….   I HOPE…..


Under Family I mean: the time, which I spent for them.

I think it’s not bad to start a new life before “The End Of The World,” December 21!!!! 2012!!! BOOOOO.

In my opinion it’s too much PR. I guess THE POWER OF THE WORLD changed their mind about THE END OF THE WORLD. I think there is a lot of fans for this “HUGE party”

Anyway, the last 7 years I tried to be successful, changed cities, friends, girlfriends, job placements, yet without any success… It was completely impossible to change the number of LIFE BALANCE POINTS.

When JOB was better, family relationship level was lower… and etc.

And for Now it’s DONE!!!! Yeah, finally!


I walk around and think – how amazing to have 24 life points, when I’m 24. I’m expecting for my life to be even better and better with each upcoming new year.

At least it gives me hope !!!


“CAN YOU IMAGINE FRED, 35 points when you 35… 70 points, when you 70 J”, I said.


I feel good, I’m a winner…

I smile and repeat  “IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING”



Fred Kurzh


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