It's Okay to Take Time Away

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Whether you getting rich making films and writing or not...sometimes you just need to get away.  That's what we did this week. We ran away for a couple of days into the North Idaho Panhandle.  We like to go camping and had the opportunity.

During our stay we came up with a couple of new show and film ideas.  For me personally, I needed the chance to decompress.  A lot has been going on since January and I getting break did me at a lot of good.

So what do you do to recharge the mental batteries?

We went up to Round Lake State Park, it is just south of Sandpoint Idaho.  The first night was kind of creepy as we were the only humans there.  The camp ground has both primitive sites to sites with water and power. Unfortunately the water was still off as it can get below freezing, 32degree. We had everything we needed so this was not an issue.

If you are into camping and looking for a getaway in North idaho check them out.  Do a search on state park in North Idaho for all their particulars.  Later in the summer we be doing a camping show and I will have more info there.

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