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Back in the late 1980's I was a student of and sparing partner to a great martial artist named William Oliver. I had to get permission from my chief instructor Grand master Tadashi Nakamura which was something that wasn't done. With great apprehension I approached Kaicho (Head of the house ) Nakamura ask and was granted this rare privilege.
Nervously I made the trip up to Shihan's (Master) Olivers Dojo to take my first class,little did I know that it was a private lesson. after a brief conversation we put on our safety s and got to work. I threw a punch and got knocked to the floor, as i tried to get up Shihan yelled "you didn't come up here to rest GET UP!"
I got up only to get knocked on my ass again and again and again and as I would slowly get back to my feet Shihan would yell Virtue "It's only pain it goes away"! I spent the next seven years training and learning from this man.

When we decide to get "get in shape" it is a metamorphosis and that change comes with discomfort or if you will Pain. Transforming yourself if you think about it should be somewhat painful but that doesn't mean that it's a bad thing.You are changing routine, the way you eat sleep the way you've been living, you are shedding bad habits and adding challenging and intense exercise that you are unaccustomed to. Yes it is painful uncomfortable inconvenient but you will adapt and become acustome to it and I promise that if you challenge yourself and push through it you not only will you get in shape but you'll evolve just as the catapillar does into the butterfly and that is the true virtue of fitness.

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Paul Virtue is a life-long athlete who understands the challenge, the pain and the dream. As a personal trainer, he is able to give his clients the benefit of his experience. He turns a deaf ear to excuses and facilitates remarkable transformations. Paul believes in the power of the individual…

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