It's time for Halloween! Trick or Treat?!

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Happy Halloween

Halloween is upon us! It's that time of year again. Put on your Halloween costume and have fun with "trick or treat"!  Here in bitLanders, we are going to celebrate Halloween by releasing lots of Halloween related goodies for your avatar! 


We have prepared many celebratory items for both male and female avatars, such as the Jack-o-lantern hats,  Halloween collection and Halloween costumes. All the celebratory items will be available for 3 weeks, from October 19 to November 08, 2018.


Trick or Treat?

We have some treats for you!

Treat no.1: Free goodies

  • Jack-o-lantern hats

There are 6 different pumpkin hats for your avatar and they are FREE! You may choose one to your liking: Dreadful, Naughty, Stubborn, Dire, Tricksy and Mischievous Jack-o-lanter Hats. Or you can just simply get them all!

  • The Halloween collection

The collection includes: Grim Reaper, Spooky Tree, Lovely Black Cat, Cute Ghost Twin Brothers, Scary Black Skeleton, Venomous Spider, Ferocious Black Bat, Mysterious Spellbook, Frightening White Skeleton and 6 different Jack-o-lantern pumpkins: Dreadful, Naughty, Stubborn, Dire, Tricksy and Mischievous Jack-o-lantern.

  The celebratory items for Halloween 2018 on bitLanders.



Treat no.2: Exclusive Halloween Jack-o-lantern with witch hat

Did you miss the Halloween Jack-o-lantern with witch hat 2017 edition?  Well, if you missed it don't worry, you can get this one instead! This one is the 2018 edition which is only available on bitLanders, you won't be able to find it anywhere else! 

It costs 10 gems and rewards 5 buzz bonus for 10 days.

Halloween Jack-o-lantern with witch hat for Halloween 2018 on bitLanders.



Treat no.3: Halloween costumes with Buzz bonus

During the celebration, we’ll be releasing 3 exclusive Halloween costumes for both male and female avatars: Vampire costume, mummy costume, witch costume and wizard costume.

Each item costs 2 gems and rewards 1 buzz bonus for 5 day.

Halloween costumes for Halloween 2018 on bitLanders.




Treat no.4: Blog for Halloween and earn Higher Buzz Bonus Rewards

During the celebration, from October 19 to November 08, all blogs about Halloween-related topics that are submitted for review will receive additional bonus rewards.

>> Topics:

Halloween-related topics, such as its tradition, celebration, food, movies, costumes,...etc.

>> Period:

October 19 to November 08, 2018

>> The Higher Buzz Bonus Rewards:

1 star blog: rewards 3 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 1 gem

2 stars blog: rewards 5 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 2 gems

3 stars blog: rewards 8 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 3 gems

4 stars blog: rewards 13 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 4 gems

5 stars blog: rewards 30 Buzz Bonus or 7 Days and 10 gems

 * Read more about "How are blogs rated"

>> Requirements:

The submitted blog must be related to Halloween.


Remember to check them out in the “What’s new” category in the bitFashionista online store and get on with your favourite Halloween look for the party!



Want to keep all these celebratory items with you but doesn't have enough inventory size? Please remember that you may purchase some gems in our store to increase your inventory size and get additional buzz bonuses!



Happy Halloween!

- Micky

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