I've Never seen Followers Grow so Fast! On TSU.co

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his is amazing.  If you're joining right now you're entering at an incredible time.  Tsu is experiencing a massive growth phase because it's NEW and people are looking for interesting users to connect with.  When I first joined this social media site I had no idea what to expect, but it's exciting, I've met some incredible people, and the followers have continued to grow.

It began small, as everything does, and I was so excited that I started telling everyone I knew right away.  This turned out to be a mistake because I wasn't prepared to answer their questions yet.  Suggesting they read the FAQ seemed futile, and it was.  Scores of people invited personally from my Facebook flocked to Tsu, but I wasn't ready and currently, few of them remain active.  My excitement never faded though, because the followers kept coming in.  I began to wonder why everyone doesn't just make the switch?!  

Some days, when I post a few photos, maybe a thought and a worthy petition; I end up gaining anywhere between 20-50 new followers.  If I was that active everyday - my math tells me I could achieve between 7300 - 18 300 + new followers each year!  (What an inspiring statement  ^_^ ).  My math also tells me I'm currently only active about 30% of the days in each week  lol  Hmm.. working on that.

Things I think followers want to see...:

- beauty in the world through genuine photograpy

- true tips and suggestions on how to use and maximize Tsu

- genuine opinions on all sorts of topics; political, sports, media, environment etc

- questions about the universe

- relevant comments

- classic/original quotes (but create it yourself!)

- original funnies

most of all though - I find that users who have the most followers are genuine and creative in all posts, and they create Tsuteams by inviting people with their username and then help them grow!

There you have it!  If you build it, the potential is incredible.  Not just for worldwide marketing exposure, but for real live money in US dollars, and the ability to easily donate to a beautiful collection of charities.  

Don't forget to use #hashtags!

Cheers  ^_^

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