January 2016 NYAC Judo Club Newsletter

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Competition News 

Results of the Judo Grand Slam, Tokyo 2015 

HARRISON, Kayla 78kg, 1st 

STEVENS, Travis 81kg, 5th 


 Results of the Northeast Championships 

MARTIN, Hannah, 63kg 1st 

ROMANIELLO, Gary, Masters Novice 3rd 

"Once again, the NYAC Judo Club was fortunate to have a world class competitor visit us. Andreas Toelzer, two time World Silver medalist and 2012 Olympic Bronze medalist joined us on December 9 for an evening of Judo and, afterwards, a dinner. Joined by Toni Lettner, the coach of the German team that competes in the New York Open (to be held again at the City House on March 20, 2016), the evening was sensational. This German heavyweight, currently number 2 in the World, shared his competition techniques, competitive insights and great Judo spirit with us, both on the mat and at the dinner afterwards. Andreas’ warm-ups included fighting from the pushup position ?????, turning our judo jackets into straight jackets then grappling ??????, and playing ‘touch, you’re it’ by hitting each other with our belts (if you got hit you had to continue on one foot!!!!!!!)" He demonstrated his amazing ne waza techniques, and his super effective o goshi and tani otoshi. Thanks Andreas. – Andy Blumenthal and Lynn Goldberg 


Upcoming Tournaments and Special Events 

African Open, Tunis 2016 

Date: January 16-17, 2016 

Location: Tunis, Tunisia 

Judo Grand Prix, Havana 2016 - Cuba 

Date: January 22-24, 2016 

Location: Havana, Cuba 

Judo Grand Slam, Paris 2016 

Date: February 6, 2016 

Location: Paris, FR 

Pedros Judo Challenge 

Date: February 13, 2016 

Location: Wakefield High School, Wakefield, MA 

Jimmy Pedro info@pedrosjudo.com, 


Judo Grand Prix, Düsseldorf 2016 

Date: February 19-21, 2016 

Location: Düsseldorf, GER 

New York State Judo Championships 2016 

Date: Feb. 21, 2016 

Contact: Sylwester Gawel 



New York Open Team Championship 

Date: March 20, 2016 

Location: New York Athletic Club, 180 CPW, New York, NY 

Contact: Mel Appelbaum 




Senior National Championships 

Date: April 09 - 10, 2016 

Location: Irvine, TX 

29th Liberty Bell Judo Classic 

Date: April 30, 2016 

Location: Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania 

Contact: Anatoliy Kenis 

mailto:akenis@gmail.com OR mailto:libertybelljudo@gmail.com,



Lynn Goldberg, Editor.

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