Jaw-dropping Chemical Reactions That Will Make You Want To Go To School Again

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Lets face it. Most of us studied (and hated) Chemistry for the larger duration of our high school. But prepare to be amazed as we are going to show you some cool chemical reactions that will surely make you forget chemistry as just a science of symbols and atomic structures. No wonder your teacher didn’t show them to you.

1. Venom Snake and Blood

There is a reason why deadly snake venom will kill you. It reacts with blood and the product is a semi-solid spongy mass. Not good for circulation anymore!

2. Exorcism of Mercury Thiocyanate

When Mercury Thiocyanate is burned, hordes of burning demons arise from it. DO NOT try this at home as it is highly toxic.

3. Hydrogen Per-Oxide and Potassium Iodide- Well that Escalated Quickly



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