Jealousy has no cure

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Jealousy has indeed no cure. 

Some people never care for other people's feelings. I live with a few of such people who start each day thinking of how they can see other people hurt. When they are elders, we cannot even scold or rebuke them. 

Not all old people are innocent. There are people who prove themselves to be of evil nature and only god can save them from their karma.


Have you met such guys or gals who are intent on destroying relationships by talking false words or throwing tantrums?

It is indeed impossible to live with such persons because they will never turn themselves into new leaves.

We live on this planet for a short while. 

We should be happy and also make others happy if possible by speaking softly and harming none,

Then only our souls will be happy when we leave otherwise it will burden itself and not get liberation according to the law as per Hindu scriptures. 

be happy

talk lovingly

smile at all

and share what you have

image shows sai volunteers giving free blankets to the poor during winter 

 written for bitlanders ©deepa



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