Jeepney Etiquette

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If you're from or in the Philippines, you would probably know that there are a lot of  annoying instances or people while riding the jeepney.


Here are some kinds of people no one wants you to be while in the jeepney:

  • The Loud One - no one really wants to hear your whole life story in one ride, also some people want to try to sleep. But, sadly we are forced to hear your wrong grammar and your curse words. Seriously though, why is your voice always in shout mode?

  • Smokers - Hasn't anyone seen the no smoking sticker on every public vehicle?


  •  The Feel at Home - everyone else can see that you can still move so that another can sit more comfortably. But no, they still sit sideways or with their knees apart.


These are only some examples of what you probably experienced in a jeepney.


Stay safe and I hope you're not one of these.


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