Jenna Marbles Shaves Her Eyebrows: Find Out Why She Did It

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Jenna Marbles Shaves Her Eyebrows: Find Out Why She Did It —


Has Jenna lost her marbles? The YouTube star completely shaves her eyebrows off in her latest video, and it’s downright shocking. So why did she do such a crazy thing? WATCH here and find out!

Jenna Marbles, AKA Jenna Mourey, 30, is known for her hilarious antics, but the beauty maven took it to a new level with her Oct. 13 video titled “Shaving My Eyebrows”. It’s pretty self-explanatory — WATCH above at your own risk, because it isn’t pretty!

It all started when Jenna tweeted, “I wanna get rid of my eyebrows,” on Oct. 6. Fans thought she was joking, but she proved them wrong and shaved half her eyebrows so she could “make a different tail shape” (meaning she wanted to draw the outer parts of her eyebrows differently using makeup). People freaked out and even tweeted her mom that she was going “full Britney Spears“! However, halfway wasn’t enough for Jenna — so she decided to make a video of her completing the task.

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“No, I’m not going crazy. I’m just doing a thing,” Jenna declares in her video. “I think I should just shave the whole thing and make a new eyebrow.” Pretty daring! “I want to make a video of me shaving my eyebrows,” she adds before getting down to business. “Life’s too short. I want to shave the whole thing and see if it makes it more fun or less fun.”

Obviously, it’s hard to watch, but lo and behold, Jenna shaves her eyebrows off with the razor that she also shaves her legs with! “Hell yeah,” she enthuses during the process. “Cool as f*ck!”

“Thank you for not judging me,” she tells her audience. Well…

Jenna has a longstanding fascination with eyebrows (remember the 2014 vid “What A Girl’s Eyebrows Mean”?) but this really takes the cake!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Jenna shaving her eyebrows off? Let us know!

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