Jennifer's Recap - Festival and Social Media with Sundance, New Film Collaborative Work, Online Film Monetization

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This week will be known as "flu week" for me, but still, here is what happened... I wrote 2 articles, the first one about film critic Manny The Movie Guy who has been with us for 4 years now. He had the great surprise to see his audience on the Internet rapidly grow after one of his Filipinos counterparts' interview with actress Anne Hathaway was described as "controversial" and went viral on social media. You can read the story and see Manny's interview with the actress from Les Miserables here. My second blog was about Sundance Film Festival's use of social media. They are doing a great job at using a diverse range of social media platforms for different purposes and taking advantage of every network's possibilities. Read all about it here and see how you can follow the Festival's news. The next step is to interview Royale Ziegler, Sundance's social media manager, on the Festival's social media strategies.

Sundance's Pinterest boards.

Now for the new content. Making of's continue to arrive with 2 new from Toni Williams who shows us, via a timelapse, how she creates her stop-motion characters. Watch and learn! Dan MacKenzie, last week's new member, added content to his web TV with a new animation and a blog on a muppet's making of (are they contageous?). Mark Kuczewski gives us an early look on the short film Just Talk To Me that he worked on as director of photography. Lisa Stock from InByTheEye "joined" Film Annex for the 2nd time as CobWeb Forest, a joint profile with Connie Toebe, a photographer and 3D artist. The Weeping Woman, their shadow puppet film collaboration, is exclusively on Film Annex. I'm in contact with Lisa so she gives me more information about their work which will lead to a blog post and add to the social media promotion efforts she has already started. You can watch the film below.

A tweet from Lisa Stock about the film.


Speaking of new content, starting next week, I will write about Film Annex's weekly new content so you know who are the new filmmakers on the platforms and what are the new movies not to miss.

After I wrote an article last week on online films going to Hollywood with the example of young filmmaker Kaleb Lechowski, I contacted him with questions about his work and projects. I just heard back from him and will prepare a blog post with his answers for next week.

Lastly I wanted to mention one of Jeff Chiba Stearns' last blog where he talks about online monetization and does a great review of Film Annex's advantages and benefits. He says: "There is a value placed on content. [...] As a filmmaker, in this day and age, the Internet is fast becoming our greatest tool for monetization and exposure. Filmmaker supportive sites like Film Annex are making this easy for filmmakers to achieve." You can read the whole blog here. Jeff does a great job at updating his Web TV and promoting it on social media. Since he has joined Eren's Picks last week, his revenues, as well as his BuzzScore, have substantially increased and he seems to be in the good path to reach the top 3 soon. It's always time to join us if you are not one of our members yet. Read this post to see what we are looking for and how to be part of Eren's Picks.


- Jennifer Bourne

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