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Them crying was because they felt the love of the SONEs. SONEs were there even though they had a huge mishap with J. Didn't SM said that they tried to actually fix things up? But yeah Jessica was too stubborn so the other 8 and SM let go of her earlier than expected. And I have friends and sibling that I really treasure, fyi. I really do believe that the business was not the sole reason that's why she got kicked out. I thought of it like a group work in college, where there's one member that practically does nothing and doesn't contribute well to your group anymore. There might be instances when most of the group members are already fed up because of that member or his/her attitude. And then they decided to let the member go. Even though they're friends, a lot of things can ruin that friendship, even if it's 15 years. So yeah, I do really know that the 8 valued their friendship soooo much, but I believe there are things that are happening bts, something Jessica has done that they easily let go of that more or less 15 years of friendship. I know SM makes the final decision, but this issue here involves the members, not just SM. It's not always SM's fault. I've always hate them because of their scandals and idols leaving their company, but I came to think of it, that it's not just because SM is too cruel and a shitty company, but also because of their idols having different desires. And I'm sorry I trolled Jessica and called her a bitch. I actually love her, I just you know... it's fun trolling LOL. 


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