Jihad And Terrorism

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Jihad is the sixth component of Islam the word "JIHAD" is derived from "JUAD" which means to struggle. So Jihad can be termed as any struggle to bring peace.

On the other hand, the word "TERRORISM" is derived from terror. the English oxford dictionary explains the word "TERROR" as to create fear in wide sense, Terrorism is to create a situation, which creates a sense of fear and un-satisfaction. So Jihad and terrorism are just like day and night.

This is very regrettable that the western writers and media have mixed Terrorism with Jihad. they simply think that Jihad is to slaughter a human being, or to destroy a building. what they think is terrorism, not Jihad. how can Islam which is the religion of peace teach such type of lesson which is totally against the meaning. the "Propaganda" of west is simply to hide their blunders and hatred of Islam. one of the example which unveils the mind of west is that of "Freedom Movement" of 1857. they termed this movement as Mutiny.

So this fact should be clear to everybody, that the west defines any terminology according to its own interests. they describe a thing as positive which is good for them, and what is not good for them is Terrorism.

Islam is a religion of peace and peace for the whole world. In our religion, the term jihad is used in very wide sense. Jihad is to defend yourself, to fight against any evil which is prevailing in the society, to fight against diseases, to get you right etc. but the International media is falsely branding Jihad as terrorism. they cannot see terrorism in kashmir, in Bosnia, in Palestine, in Afghanistan and in India (Gujrat) where innocent people slaughtered like animals, and if a Muslim defends its self esteem, it is termed as Terrorism.

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