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He was born the third by the name John Christopher Depp III on June 9, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA. He grew up to be an actor, producer and musician. 

Using his acting talents in many varities of characters such as "Edwardscissorhands","21 Jump Street", "Alice In Wonderland", "Pirates of the Caribbean" and many other films and TV shows.There are four "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies made by Disney , "Curse of Black Pearl", "Dead Mans Chest", "At Worlds End" and " On Stranger Tides". Johnny is now making a fifth film in the series that will come out in 2017.


In 2007 he went to Great Ormond Street Hospital to thank the hospital for the care that they gave to his critically ill daughter Lily-Rose he dressed as the character Captain Jack Sparrow and visited and read to the children for hours. He has continued to do that in many Childrens hospitals. Johnny usually takes his costume with him on his travels in case he has time to visit a hospital.


In my book he is a hero visiting the hospitals and giving some brightness to those sick childrens lives. He is also a great actor that can portray different kinds of characters brilliantly! He definitly is not type casted!

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