Joining New Sites is a bit scary

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Over the years I've tried many different writing sites.  

Some have been scams, which get you to write your heart out, then don't pay you.

Others pay very little, and then only if you reach some ever increasing threshold.

And most have dead.

When I began writing on line there were so many choices, from Hubpages to Triond, from Helium to Bukisa, from Factoids to Xomba.  Now, only Hubpages remains, and pays very very badly.

New sites came up, and fell down; Postanyarticle, Bubblews, Dailytwocents, Blogjob, Wikinut.

Most sites died in 2010 due to Google.  Google labeled writing sites 'Content Farms', (because it was introducing Knol, it's own No Pay but Lots of Work online writing site) and tampered with the searches.

If you entered a term into a Google Search Box, i.e. "How To Wash Silk", it would rule out a site like Triond, (although there was an article there with the exact name).  This is because sites it labeled "Content Farm', began with a minus.

Today, the only site which seems to exist is 

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