Joint family system

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Yesterday I was reading the newspaper and I get shocked because it was written in bold letter that nine year child become the killer of his three cousins. When I try to read more about this news I come to know that that case is due joint family system. in this case the small child was passing his life in a joint family system and whole the property belong to his grandfather and he thought that after some time the whole property will the divided between his cousins and he will get very small share so he decide to finished them. He didn’t know that his whole life is going to pass police lockup.

But I want to discuss the joint family system today. There are some advantages and disadvantage of joint family system. The joint family system is mostly seen in the developing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh.

If we see the advantage of joint family system we can say that this system is good for normal income families, because according to this system we can save some earning. I can prove my statement by giving some arguments, like we can save the electricity, sui gas and water in joint family system because when many people are living in a single home then they have to pay a single bill while all that people living in diffent homes they have to pay large amount. Similarly many such type of thing are seen which show that the joint family system is good, but there are also some reasons which compel me to say that joint family system is dangerous.

To explain that joint family system is dangerous I take the support of the news which I read in the newspaper. This is the main disadvantage of joint family system. The proper division of the total property is the main problem in joint family system. in joint family it is also seen that if somebody not working properly in family and waste his earning and on the other hand the other person is very hard working and earn more money then first but in last when everything is get divided among both and both of them get same reward then the problem will arise by the hardworking person.



In last I will just say that I am completely against the joint family system because to save some thing we have to loose many thing in the end




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