Joint Family system

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This joint family system is remain in Pakistan as well as in India from many year but in Pakistan this system in seen every family according to my point of this system has many advantages as compared to disadvantages .

This system is good in sense that every member helps other member of his family in time need and in this love and happiness increases in spite of bias and every member of family has elders and every member obey the orders of his elder and this is seen by children ,boys and girls then these children ,boys and girls learn that always obey their elder.

In this joint family system members of family share their problems and also share their happiness and also share the financial problems and also kitchen and their work and divide the works in members and this system is also helpful in contact with other members of family how to react or how to behave with other members because every member has their own mind and nature.

Big advantage is that elders watches our deeds and we can get guide from elders and they can teaches us and elders gives their attention to every individuals , in this more love is created in hearts of every member of family.we should promote joint family system.

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