Jokes :"Drummers BANNED .."

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au one time obscure, must be the servant that promotes cigarettes a trap for the old district almost total. Once, the old chief master going away, slanting to most
As to the other villagers saw a large drum with the hot surface, both teachers and students were astonished too, to see. Up to ten passers are also talking about the drum, the drum has weighed on the words: "empty forbidden", that nobody dared come near. Suddenly, a loud voice that promotes:


- Does anyone dare I hit the drum puzzle is not yet prohibited?

Some people laugh:

- By trying to hold his family dare not revive again as he touched.

That promotes a two warrant is caught, not afraid of anything. Among them were a wealthy merchant, available in bags of money, supposedly bragged that promotes, very itchy ear, said:

- He hit three in nine hours was enough I'll give you fifty coin!

Xien say:

- Fifty rolls worth, at least to a hundred.

The other by heart, said:

- Yes, you do not do exactly as the words, they must not give me rice in ten years.

Both sides made embankments paper delivery, there is a person named witness.

Otherwise inspire ladder, climb Slovak awl, punch outstretched wings in nine full three hours. Drum sounds, echoes both ears, the brain ache. A few timid people, fear involved, hastily retreating. Under the contract, the other person must be handed catch that promotes the full amount.

Listen drum hit suddenly, astonished villagers, flocked to the east as Assembly. Mayor, holding heo, through crowds, strutting steps into the house shouting loudly. That promotes the growth of a vow in front of scratching their heads in greeting and said:

- Yes he works, I'm passersby, see our landscape rich village, we see the sacred temple, should have fifty Advances relating to almost saint after almost village. But without knowing how to meet him with all the villagers were, forced to beat a few drum, application of amnesty for his typewriter.

Saw big bucks, chief of the Assembly of dignitaries like too, another table please deduct the ten important day as our guest meals generous incentives cup.

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