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There are many means of travelling but it always fun to travel by train. It is a wounderful experience to see a large number of people at one place. A journey by train is like attending a festival.

Last year, my father sent me on some family business to my uncle living in Lahore. I got my seat reserved before the day of departure . We decided to walk on the plate form. There was a great hustle and bustle on the platform. It was over-crowed.people were walking here and there.

Soon we heard the announcement of the arrival of the train. With in a couple of mintes the train reached the plat form. After the struggle of ten minutes we found my seat. The temperature in the bogie was suffocating. Luuckily, my seat was near the window in the middle of the bogie. The green trees passed by like running men.

The houses , bridges, rivers, railway crossings, field and s and playing children waving their hands as the train passed near them all these add their special colour to the journey. In side the train, the people were busy in settling themselves some started gossiping.At 10 ‘O clock the train arrived at the Lahore station.My cousin Salman was there to receive me. We left for home happily.

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