Journalists’ House in Herat

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Omar Nasir Mojadiddi is the head of Herat Journalist’s House. He is the representative of Heart Journalists. Besides, he is the owner of Zohal Radio Station, and Magazine.

Mujaddidi has studied Journalism Faculty at Herat University. It is 5 years he has established Zohal Radio Station in order to help grow the minds of Afghan community.

     When first he established Zohal Radio Station, it was transmitting programs only for Herat people. Now, his Radio Station broadcast different programs through the Satellite across the world. The only reason why he is broadcasting different programs, such as political, cultural, information and educational programs throughout the world is in order to convey the voice of the people who have no freedom of speech to the world. For example, Iran is a country that its people have no freedom of speech. Hence, some of Zohal Radio Station programs are for Iranians.

     Omar Nasir Mujaddidi says, however he has been intimidated by the Iranian consulate, he has not stopped broadcasting programs for Iranians.

He says, “When first I wanted to enter Journalism faculty at Herat University, I wanted to have a Radio Station in order to echo the truths to the people. Thus, I established Zohal Radio Station.”

    Journalists’ House is an Organization that helps defend from right of Heart Journalists. This organization is composed of Journalists, and Omar Nasir Mujaddidi is elected as the head of Heart Journalists’ House through Herat Journalists.


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