Journey of becoming an Electrical Engineer

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I'm Chado, from the southern part of the Philippines. Year 2002, when I started my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering course and it's a very rough road to begin my journey. I experienced many hardships, pain, sorrow and sufferings, but I am happy to experienced all of those because it hastened my resolve to become an engineer someday. 

With the help of our Almighty God, I finished my engineering course in 5 year term, year 2007. I took a licensure examination for registered engineer on that same year after reviewing for almost 5 months and successfully passed two licensure examinations, which were Registered Electrical Engineer and Master Electrician.

I thought it's time for me to relax because I already achieved by becoming an Electrical engineer, but I didn't know it was only the beginning of what is said to be the real journey. My first job as an engineer was at the Manila, northern part of the Philippines, where I met many people with different culture.

I'm into a contracting company where we went to different parts of the Philippines to conduct servicing of various electrical equipment of industrial, commercial and utility establishments. I experienced many troubles, being electrocuted and etc. because of my carelessness. I lose much of my weight and my physical body drop vigorously, but it didn't hold me down. I continued my job because I knew in myself, it's my passion. And I learnt many things and exposed to different techniques in the field of engineering. 

When I realized that my salary wasn't enough with the skills and knowledge that I had over a year of experience, I decided to leave the company to find a much greener pasture. I went back to my homeland and luckily finds a job in a power plant with a decent salary. I was immediately hired by the power generation company because of my skills and experience in the field of electrical engineering. 

I was hired not because I'm a genius person, but rather a hardworking one. I was thankful to experience all the hardships in life because I developed into a much better individual. Until now, I am happy with my work and continuing to pursue of becoming a successful engineer someday.

For every trial in your life, do not confuse your path to your destination. Just because it's stormy now, that doesn't mean you weren't headed for sunshine someday.


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