Journey to South Africa

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     South Africa is a country where remarkable contrasts, a variety of amazing landscape features with a disparate diversification of its cities and confusion of creeds and cultural reflections. In terms of geographical position, South Africa seems like an integrated country were half of the dozen countries come into one state.

       If you are intended to visit South Africa in the Western Cape for the first time, you may be disappointed. This is because there might be no free access of seeing roaming wild animals and no safari camps or lodges. Instead, you will see gentle countryside side of pastures, vineyards and heavily fruit loaded Orchards. But, Western Cape is just a part of the wider region which doesn’t likely show the magnificent naturally blessed features of Africa. If you really want to visit and get the real Africa, go to North-East of South Africa so that the broad rich Savannah plains of Mpumalanga is waiting your arrival. Besides, the Great Karoo’s sandy in a semi-arid flatlands and Highveld makes the most prominent segment of the greater and most prosperous interior plateau.

      The Eastern part of South Africa are seen in the towering heights of the Drakensberg which is a mountain range so formidable that even one clear pass braches its one main  250 kilometers long barrier. Most scholars believe that the Drakensberg was suited to be the home for Bushmen or San people who were known to be the people of Eland. They had been living for long centuries as a permanent residence that they left different handmade ancient monuments to  their passing in their stick like animal centered paintings and among them,700 of the paintings are found in cave-site museum in Giant’s Castle Game reserve. In this twilight overhangs of Huge Castle and the spectacular mountain range of Ndedema Gorge area. The unique eastern pass way to the Kingdom of Lesotho in the corrected entire length of the mountain range is through the marvelous Sani Pass which is known to be the highest pub in Africa at its summit.

   In terms of ancient battle places that were in South Africa, Durban is a good jumping-off point for a complete tour of Anglo-Zulu battlefields. Not only are these but there also a number of battlefields that British, the Zulu and the Boers were in conflict. Some of these places are Bloodriver, Spioenkop, Rorke’s Drift, Majuba and Islandlwana.

        On the other hand, if you want to visit the ‘Big forest family’ animals, South Africa are the right destination. The Kruger National park is most likely the most popular are for seeing natural wildlife and its pioneer position is hard to contest. Lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo are the five animals specious that you visit and be the part of those few lucky tourists and have unforgettable memory. In general, the mix of amazing climate, awesome scenery, amazing wildlife and high quality food and wine make South Africa where you truly can have great experience than any times!

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