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 Johann Sebastian Bach is not such a saintly man as many of the world's conductors praise him to be. Instead, biographers have presented a very misleading image of the greatest composer, merely to accompany his unmistakable genius in the world of classical music.

 I was very surprised to hear the recent news in regards to Bach, as I've only heard great things such as scholarships, trips, and fantastic schools for this remarkable almost saint-like individual.

But the truth is very far from what we've come to understand. I first read about this newfound research in The Guardian newspaper, which revealed that Bach's education was actually filled with gang warfare, bullying, sadism, sodomy, and an immense amount of absences to the tune of 258 days within the first three years of school.

 Bach's past was anything but peaceful. He attended three main schools throughout his lifetime that were Eisenach Latin, Ohrdruf Klosterschule, and Michaelisschule, Lunenburg

The primary researcher behind the study of one of the world's greatest composers, goes by the name of Sir John Eliot Gardiner. What this man found is really fascinating.

 It turns out that Bach had a pretty rough childhood in school with other boys who were "rowdy, subversive, sluggish, beer- and wine-loving, girl-chasing" types of youngsters. These were not your typical bullies. These kids were brutal beyond our modern understanding to the extent that many parents kept their children at home for fear of something happening to their kids in or outside of school.

Research also found that Bach's attendance in Ohrdruf was more than interesting while being a member of the choir. Bach's teacher was said to have been a sadistic disciplinarian who loved giving out intolerable punishments to his innocent students.

 Bach was one of them who had a significant amount of exposure to this awful teacher. Bach was definitely more sinister then most biographers portray him.

Nonetheless, he is in fact one of the world's greatest composers of all time. Now knowing his troubled past in losing his parents at a very young age, later his wife and 12 of his 20 children, we are absolutely mystified by his ability to produce such complex and rhythmic music that we will always remember, until the end of time.

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