Judo Olympian Giulia Quintavalle Joins bitLanders To Promote Olympic Judo and Women's Empowerment through Sports

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New York, NY, October 3, 2014 - bitLanders has been supporting and promoting the sports of Judo for years, from sponsoring Judo events to interviewing Judo Champions.

This is why Italian Judoka Giulia Quintavalle chose bitLanders to establish her online presence, promote Judo and help empower women through sports.

Born in Italy, Giulia Quintavalle has been practicing Judo since she was 5 years old. She won the Gold Medal in the -57kg weight class at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, becoming the first Italian woman to achieve this result in the history of Judo. Giulia Quintavalle now wants to use her experience and achievements to promote Olympic Sports, especially among women.

On bitLanders, she shares her stories through blogs, pictures and videos, with 330,000 Influencers and 125 million fans and followers, to encourage women to express and empower themselves through sports. bitLanders users can interact and engage with her on the platform, share her stories with their followers, as well as their own.

On the benefits of Judo, Giulia Quintavalle says: “I see my sport as a philosophy of life, which educated me, teaching me humility, respect and tolerance, all valuable principles which today help me in personal and professional life. I think that women have a lot to say and give in this world and personally I am very happy when I see other women who stand out and achieve great results.”


If you are not on bitLanders yet and want to follow Giulia's stories, register here.

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