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In start the professor of TOKYU University think that if they not change the situation of martial art so soon the martial art is finished in Japan. Then they learn JITSU to the high qualify teacher of JITSU and change it and make a new style game. The name of this game is KODO KAN. In this game he makes a rule.

The rule was that first disturb the level and threw him. They want to show the difference between JUDO and JITSU. KODO KAN was making in 1882 but his progress speed was very slow. The cause of his slow progress was most people like JITSU and the wave of JITSU was in the heart of people. In 1886 they think about to famous the judo.

Then they trawled with his student to western. The name of his student is UKO TONI. He starts his first show in British country. He starts his teaching in GREAT MUSIC HALL of British and loses the many famous bodybuilder of there. The first club of judo was made in 1919 in western.

Another student shows his talent in U.S.A. The student also teach judo to the president of U.S.A. Paris police learn judo for use as self defense. The first championship of judo was started in 1926.

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