Jumeira Open Beach

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I bet you are familiar as to where this place is because of that shining building from afar. This was taken when I was tagged along by my brother to an open beach in Dubai specifically in Satwa street and the beach is called Jumeira Open beach. Jumeira is a road along Satwa and of which a long path of beach shore lies. I love the fact that most of the beach shores in Dubai is free and unlike in the Philippines, when we say free, expect it to be a bit dirty but this is a clean one, a lot of people are coming over here of different citizenship and everyone is swimming harmoniously.

There are given cottages which are free as well, a little park where children can play, a skateboard area and biking area. I was just amazed, I see a lot of Kabayans everywhere and as much as I would like to take a swim I didn't because I don't like swimming when I am not able to see what's around me.

I was just busy taking photos of the surrounding. From a distance is also a shipyard where my brother used to work. The biggest shipyard in Dubai and all that's in there are huge shipping materials, ships as well as people working even at night. It is recommended actually for field workers to work at night as it isn't that hot compared to working evening time.

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